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Nick Elvery

Peak Performance Coach

Optimised™ was created by Nick Elvery. Nick battled with hard drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. Coming out the other side of his personal transformation (8 years clean) he still battled with the emotional rollercoaster of depression....

Deep meditation in minutes for busy entrepreneurs

  • Designed for busy entrepreneurs

    Haven't got time to meditate everyday, you have now with Optimised Meditation.

  • Perfect for people with ADHD

    Do you find it impossible to meditate with a constantly wondering mind? This solves this problem.

  • 5 Different Lengths

    Only got time to squeeze in 7 minutes, that's ok. Do you want a longer session? We've got you covered.


Banish stress and anxiety in just 7 minutes...

Download this FREE powerful audio that banishes stress, anxiety and overwhelm in just 7 short minutes.



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