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Nick Elvery

Peak Performance Coach

Optimised™ was created by Nick Elvery. Nick battled with hard drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. Coming out the other side of his personal transformation (8 years clean) he still battled with the emotional rollercoaster of depression....

Deep meditation in minutes for busy entrepreneurs

  • Designed for busy entrepreneurs

    Haven't got time to meditate everyday, you have now with Optimised Meditation.

  • Perfect for people with ADHD

    Do you find it impossible to meditate with a constantly wondering mind? This solves this problem.

  • 5 Different Lengths

    Only got time to squeeze in 7 minutes, that's ok. Do you want a longer session? We've got you covered.



See what some of the happy clients say about working with Nick.

Working with Nick has been nothing short of life changing. In 4 short weeks, he has taken me from self-doubt to a level of self-confidence beyond what I could ever dream of!


Leon Diouf

If you’re thinking about working with Nick, just go for it! The more you engage, the most spectacular your results will be. Nick is an absolute master of his craft. Hire him now, you can thank me later.


Trish Milward

Nick is undoubtedly the Superman of Productivity. He gets highly focused, takes decisive and massive action, refuses to be stopped by obstacles and relentlessly presses on in a laser focused way until the job is done.

Shamoni Gilani

Banish stress and anxiety in just 7 minutes...

Download this FREE powerful audio that banishes stress, anxiety and overwhelm in just 7 short minutes.



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