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Eye strain can be a real pain in the ass when using your computer for too long. Do you know that feeling of tired eyes and drained energy levels after an hour or two at your desk? Well, there’s a solution to that which will keep your energy levels up and reduce eye strain dramatically.

Why do we get eye strain and why does our energy suffer when using a computer?

The blue light that your monitor omits plays havoc with your biochemistry and your brain has to work way overtime.

The second component is the flicker rate of your screen. You can’t see it but your monitor is constantly refreshing a very high rate. Your brain is so smart that it allows you to see a steady image. The problem with this is your brain is having a work way harder than it needs to be. Think of juggling 25 balls rather than just 3. Each time you add another ball to the metaphorical mix of environmental stimuli your brain has to use more energy and your eyes get strained way more.

So what’s the solution. The best solution is to not use a laptop at all but we all know that’s not practical for most. The second best option is broken into two parts.

1. Blueblocking Software

Download Iris and select the health setting. This changes the colour of your screen to lower the amount of blue light omitted by your screen. This one hack alone is a game changer.


eye strain software

2. Blue blocking Glasses

Wear some blue blocking glasses (Foxmans are perfect for this – using “optimised“coupon code to get money off) when using your computer. This combined with Iris is the next level to reduce eye strain and keep your energy levels high.

picture of Foxman's Frames

3. Font size / Resolution

If you’re having to squint to see the screen then your eyes and brain are working overtime. If the font is too small, change the resolution of your screen or use the magnification option on your computer to enlarge what you’re looking at.

4. Take regular breaks

Set an alarm for an hour. When it goes off get up and take a short walk. Throw some mild stretching into the mix at the same and to go the whole nine yards you get outside in the sun.

Try these easy to implement hacks and watch your eye strain vanish and your energy levels stay constant. You might also experience better sleep by using the blue blocking tools. 

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