Ever Felt Like This?

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a never ending pattern of self-sabotage? You know you're capable of so much more but feel trapped and never get the results you want? Maybe you have bursts of action but never manage to consistently build lasting habits. Are you tired of trying over and over again but always ending up losing motivation and find yourself right back at the beginning again? Do you lack self confidence? Does self-doubt stop you from taking action? 

Do you want to live life on your own terms and truly create a life you love? Maybe your finances are not how you'd like them to be. Maybe your health and fitness are suffering. Maybe your relationships aren't what you dreamt they would be. Well the good news is, there ways out of this trap and we at Optimised have the solution for you. Watch the video below to learn more.


Working with Nick has been life changing. In 4 short weeks he has taken me from self-doubt to a level of self-confidence beyond what I could ever dream of. The kind of self-confidence that makes you look at a challenge and say to yourself: bring it! Investing in his program has truly been life changing. I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Nick and have a sense of certainty and determination unlike ever before. I’m unstoppable and know that whatever I want in life is 100% possible. I’m truly grateful for having found Nick and can’t wait to continue this amazing journey. Thank you!!! - Leon Diouf

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My capacity for self-care and self-appreciation was almost non-existent, characterised by poor sleep patterns, regular binge eating and excessive sugar in my diet which were accompanied by feelings of shame. I felt overwhelmed, overloaded and even unappreciated. Despite all the years of various personal growth programs I have participated in, I was still left with these recurring patterns.  

Working with Nick has allowed me to experience being really proud of myself coming from deep within my being, an all encompassing, radiating, fulfilling pride of what I have achieved and who I have become in life. I stand taller, I feel more relaxed, and life seems much less complicated. I’m also now really present to the love that others have for me, that it is unconditional, and that I don’t have to be a ‘good girl’ to earn it.  

I can now live my life in a way that inspires me, fulfils me, and brings me joy, regardless of what others think! This has brought me freedom and released me from the ‘Fear of missing out’ in so many areas of life.  

My new freedoms have enabled me to create healthy habits around food. My sleep patterns have improved too, in making my bedroom a sanctuary the whole experience is now blissful instead of a struggle.  

If you’re thinking about working with Nick, just go for it! The more you engage, the most spectacular your results will be. Nick is a master of his craft. - Trish Milward - October 2019

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What the Programme Contains

  • The programme runs for 90 days.
  • Bi-weekly cognitive therapy sessions to rewire beliefs.
  • A personal 3 month action plan to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  • A complete online course showing you how to optimise every area of your life.
  • Private coaching sessions directly with Nick to maximise your results.