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Productivity Hack 


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Being productive and getting more done is always a popular topic of conversation. It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO or executive there are always more efficient ways to squeeze out more productivity in our daily tasks.


These simple to use productivity hacks ensure you stay focused on the task in hand, dramatically increases your ability to get more done in a sorter amount of time and is a game changer.


The main destroyer of productivity are distractions. These come in a varied array of forms. The most effective distractor is your phone and notifications on your computer. Every time a popup appears or beep is heard from your device you brain’s attention and focused gets pulled away. This adds up over time and massively reduces your ability to get work done.


Turn off all non-essential popups and notifications. You don’t need to know what someone tweeted about Donald Trump. You also don’t need to know what your friends are posting on FB every 5 minutes. When you let notifications and popups invade your concentration you are saying that those messages are more important than your work. Delete non-essential apps too. I only have Instagram on my phone and I’m working hard to have that removed too. This one action step will make a massive difference to your focus and productivity.


The next is to carve out some dedicated time to work on that one thing. Check out the book Deep Work to further learn the importance of maintaining focus on one thing. Everyone’s routine is different. If you have kids your strategy might be different to someone who doesn’t and works from home for example. Find the strategy that works for you and put an hour or two in your diary where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone and get going on one task for the whole period of time.


Use your time wisely and increase your focus and concentration by using the pomodoro technique. This is a simple process that uses a timer to count down when you’re doing that focused work. This productivity hack is a game changer. Here are some options for mac and android devices. The most traditional timer interval is 50 minutes of work and a 10 minute break. You can obviously make that work for you and experiment with the best options.


Just by adopting these 3 simple hacks will dramatically increase your productivity and focus and will allow you to get way more done than you ever thought possible.


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