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Reduce Stress

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Reducing stress is a powerful performance hack. Chronic stress is linked to an increase in risk of a myriad of diseases. It reduces brain function and cognitive effectiveness. It raises cortisol levels and makes it harder to lose weight to name just a few.

One of the most effective tools to lowering stress is breath work. Like meditation, it can be an overwhelming practice to start with the volume of different styles you can try.

There’s good news. Richie Bostock, aka The Breath Guy is a master when it comes to breath work and has trained with some of the best on the planet. I actually think he will be regarded as the best on the planet if he isn’t already.

His Flourish app is a game changer for newbies to breath work and the more experienced too. The combination of his voiced guidance and music choose makes this app fantastic to use. I personally use it most days to start my day right.

You can download the app for your iPhone or Android device. 

If you want to reduce stress then this is an amazingly simple way of doing it.

I challenge you to do a session everyday for just 7 days and see how you feel.

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