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Retain More Knowledge

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Knowledge is powerful when we can recall it and most importantly actually implement it. The problem is though, us humans, forget the up to 85% of what we’ve read almost immediately after we’ve read it!!

Without a reliable system to capture the important points and then go back over them on a regular basis to cement them into our minds, we actually just waste our time.

So, how do we take advantage of technology to improve our retention rate?

Well, never fear, Readwise is here! Readwise, allows you to capture your favourite parts of the books you are reading and get them emailed back to you on a daily basis. You can capture from your Kindle, iBooks, Pocket, Instapaper and loads more applications. You can even use the app to select sections from written books too!!

Another cool feature is you can link it to your Evernote. This means you can compile all your favourite notes in one central location! Then you can reread these notes. Scott Bornstein (memory expert) gives a great reminder in his Optimised podcast interview, that we retain better if we revisit information 7 times in 10 days.

Another awesome feature of the app is, you can find books you’ve read (and ones you haven’t) and have a daily email setup with some of the most recorded sections. I love this idea as you can setup an alert of a book or books you are reading and have a daily remind of the points to retain more knowledge from the current books.

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